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Blog TV – Free SMS




Hello leothemaster,

Just in time for the holidays, we’d like to announce a few little gifts that might bring you some winter cheer!

Happy reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS,
From all of us at blogTV

SMS me blogTV!!!

Can’t get enough of your favorite blogTV shows? Well now you will NEVER have to miss one again! Introducing the newest feature in blogTV subscription options; free SMS alerts!

The process is as easy as pie:

Step 1. Go to the page of the person you wish to subscribe to and click "Subscribe" underneath the profile picture.

Step 2. When you press Subscribe a pop up window will appear with all of your subscription options conveniently listed and you will then choose what kind of alerts you would like to receive about the show and where you would like to receive those alerts. In order to get the free SMS alerts, choose "My Cellphone." Then press "Subscribe"

Step 3. Fill in your Country, mobile number and the frequency and times during which you would like to receive free SMS alerts for your blogTV subscriptions. Then press "Confirm."

Step 4. Once you have press confirm, a code will be sent to your mobile phone. When you receive that code, copy it into the "Confirmation code" area (as seen below) and press "Confirm" again and you are ready to rock and roll!

Happy SMSing people!!!


Just as a fun little addition for you all, we have also added a PermaOp feature which will now allow broadcasters to give their most trusted friends and room moderators permanent operational privileges! Now you won’t have to worry about choosing OPs every time you start a show. As soon as your allies come in, they will already be ready to do their duty!

Any questions or comments? Email Kara-Hannah at community@blogtv.com!

Feel like you would be on blogTV more often if you knew what events were happening? Then you need to check out the blogTV blog!




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